Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Post

Welcome everyone to my new blog. I made this blog so that i can share my favorite Japanese pop songs to everyone. Currently, i mostly have morning musume and kaela kimura songs and i'll be updating the site on a consistent basis. Hope everyone will like the site. :D

So here is Kaela Kimura's newest album, it's titled as Scratch:

Scratch is Kaela's latest album and 3rd all in all. It reached number 1 in the oricon charts just a few weeks ago. The genre of Kaela's songs are all Poprock and they sound nice. Here's my ratings for the album based on 100 max score.

L-drunk - 90 - good first song for an album

Magic Music - 85 - this was one of her singles, very funky PV

Snowdome - 89 - this was also one of her singles

wani to kotori - 83 - this song makes me think of summer

dolphin - 96 - i love this song, slow rock combined with strong vocals make for a great song

sweetie - 89 - light song, a good follow up to a great song

kirin tan - 82 - this song sounds like someone's riding a horse

Scratch - 88 - the song is almost purely instrumental, kind of like a linkin park instrumental mix

SWINGING LONDON - 86 - this song sounds retro and has a theatrical feeling to it

never land - 87 - this song is filled with emotion, good stutering sound to go with it too

TREE CLIMBERS - 93 - love the intro, the rapping, and the ending, good beat

JOEY BOY - 86 - this song feels psychidelic, love the fading ending

Ground Control Album Mix - 88 - this was her last single before the album, all english, all nice